overall presentation


Our designation Belgian School for Jungian Psychoanalysis shows that we are above all psychoanalysts and at the same time that we are all members of the International Association of Analytical Psychology (Zurich). This may seem paradoxical as psychoanalysis is related to Sigmund Freud and to the different schools based on his works and as Analytical Psychology on the other hand, is a psychodynamic psychotherapy created by Carl G. Jung and adopted by different Jungian schools. Both psychoanalytical pioneers had a major impact on our pluralistic identity.

We are convinced that mental pathology is extremely complex and that it should not be reduced to only one theory. It would even be dangerous to apply the same treatment to every patient and to reduce his or her psychic problem to one psychoanalytical theory, no matter how sophisticated.  

Every (great) psychoanalytical theory is an original creation that looks at mental pathology and human suffering from a particular, often very personal and sensitive perspective.

Our link to C.G. Jung is not only historical. We develop in our formation program some of Jung’s important concepts regarding the unconscious, the dynamics of the internal world of opposites and the developmental perspective on the Self and the never ending process of Individuation and put them in connection with contemperary psychoanalytical thinking.

Following Jung we consider that the complexity of human life and psyche should be looked at from a pluralistic view where, as you can read in the "approach" session, relation plays an important part.