Ethics Committee

The ethics committee of the Belgian School for Jungian Psychoanalysis is made up of three members, chosen by the general assemby.  They meet to examine complaints against any members or candidate-members who practise analysis under the supervision of the association. They may also be consulted to deal with questions concerning ethical matters relating to the analytical practice. The bylaws of the association precise the ethic committee as follows:



3.2.1. FUNCTIONING  The ethics committee is availible for any member wishing to discuss any ethical matter relevant to him/herself. This remains confidential.  The ethics committee is responsible to deal with complaints regarding no respect of the code of ethics and to investigate them keeping in mind both parties. On this basis, it is responsible to judge whether this investigation can stop there. The ethics committee is authorised to issue minor sanctions. Major sanctions will be introduced to the wider board (ethics committee and board of directors). They will be in effect temporarily until they are submitted to the following meeting of the general assembly, which will be responsible to ratify them. Minor sanctions are:

 - Warning;

- Reprimand;

- Repair measures;

- Probationary measures for a limited period of time. Major sanctions are:

- Temporary suspension of a function or of membership of the School. The ethics committee is empowered to submit to the School any proposal considered necessary with regards to ethical matters.

3.2.2. COMPOSITION The ethics committee is made of three members having at least 5 years seniority with BSJP. They are elected by the general assembly (simple majority) and their mandate is renewable twice. The committee is renewable by thirds every two years. The general assembly will designate three substitutes. Applications and renewals for mandates must reach the Chairman at least 15 days before the date of the general assembly meeting. Applications and renewals for mandates could exceprionally be submitted during a general assembly meeting if, after voting on any applications, the number of members composing the ethics committee is insufficient.


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